ZIRMAX Zirconia

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ZIRMAX Zirconia

Tanaka Digital Lab, driven by an unwavering commitment, stands as an indispensable partner for our esteemed clients. Aligned with our core values, we channel our efforts into extensive research, innovative development, and strategic investments in cutting-edge technology, ensuring the pinnacle of dental restorations within the market. This dedication allows us to address the evolving challenges faced by the dental professionals we proudly serve. With this devotion as our foundation, Tanaka Digital Lab is excited to introduce an innovative in-office digital scan service, harnessing the revolutionary ICam4d extraoral scanner from IMetric4d for multi-implant restorations.

ZIRMAX ME: Elevating Esthetics and Strength

ZIRMAX ME is the epitome of strength and durability in monolithic zirconia, meticulously designed to redefine esthetics. With over 47% greater translucency than conventional zirconias, ZIRMAX ME pushes the boundaries of esthetic excellence while effectively eliminating graying in lighter shades. Boasting a remarkable flexural strength of over 1000 MPa, it is suitable for anterior bridges up to 4 units and posterior bridges up to 3 units, extending even to the first molars. Its esthetic qualities rival those of pressed ceramics, yet it offers more than double the strength.

Key Features of ZIRMAX

  • Exceptional Strength: ZIRMAX reaches a strength of 1300 MPa, making it suitable for cases requiring maximum flexural strength.
  • Enhanced Translucency: With 25% greater translucency than most high-strength zirconias, ZIRMAX delivers superior natural appearance.
  • Unparalleled Translucency: ZIRMAX ME surpasses all other zirconias, boasting over 47% greater translucency.
  • Warranty: Backed by a 10-year warranty, providing assurance and peace of mind.
  • Biocompatibility: Ensuring compatibility and safety, ZIRMAX is 100% biocompatible.

Indications and Usage

Tanaka Digital Lab recommends ZIRMAX M for posterior full crowns and bridges, and it serves as an ideal substructure for layered anterior single crowns and bridge restorations. ZIRMAX ME, on the other hand, excels in anterior monolithic single crowns and bridges of up to 4 units. It can even extend to the second premolar, showcasing its versatility.


ZIRMAX should be layered, not used monolithically, in the anterior smile zone. For anterior monolithic restorations, ZIRMAX ME is an optimal choice.

Clinical Handling and Preparation

When preparing for our all-ceramic restorations, a shoulder preparation is not mandatory; feather-edge preparations are acceptable. A minimum margin preparation of 0.3 mm chamfer is ideal, though full shoulder preparations can also be employed. Ensure a 1 mm axial wall reduction and 1 mm cingulum/occlusal reduction. Avoid sharp angles, adhering to standard practices for all-ceramic restorations.

Cementation Protocol

ZIRMAX seamlessly integrates with conventional cements, affording you flexibility to choose the best procedures based on clinical judgment. You have versatile placement options, including adhesive systems with dual cure resins or low expansion cements. We recommend Z-PRIME from BISCO for adhesive dentistry preparation.

Adjusting & Polishing

For fit adjustments, tailor the prepped tooth accordingly. When making occlusal adjustments on the monolithic zirconia material, employ a diamond with water specially designed for ceramic adjustments. Refrain from using carbide instruments. Achieve a finely polished surface using a ceramic polishing system.

Tanaka Digital Lab remains committed to elevating the intersection of innovation and artistry in dentistry. Our ZIRMAX series reflects our dedication to merging strength and esthetics, ensuring unparalleled dental restorations for your practice.

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