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Dentures & Partials

Introducing Tanaka Digital Lab’s flagship innovation – Vitallium 2000 Plus partial dentures. With a legacy spanning over six decades, Vitallium has remained the cornerstone of partial denture solutions. Now, proudly presented by Tanaka Digital Lab, we introduce Vitallium 2000 Plus, an alloy that revolutionizes chrome cobalt alloys with unparalleled physical and mechanical properties. Setting new benchmarks, its tensile strength surpasses all other chrome cobalt alloys in the market, ushering in a new era of excellence. Experience dentistry at its finest with the Ultimate Partial Denture.

Exceptional physical attributes translate into unmatched strength and extraordinary fracture resistance, all within intricately designed partial frameworks that are smaller, lighter, and more delicate. Vitallium 2000 Plus offers enhanced flexibility without compromising on deformation or fracture concerns, enabling remarkable adjustability comparable to gold standards. Furthermore, it provides an impeccably smooth and refined surface, amalgamating effortless adjustability, enduring radiance, plaque resistance, and the renowned precision fit associated with Vitallium. When seeking the epitome of partial dentures, Vitallium 2000 Plus stands as the premium alloy of choice.

Acrylic Processing Alternatives:

The Tanaka Digital Lab Denture, embodying value, embraces the time-honored heat-cured method with Lucitone® 199. Our esteemed SmileSculpt Denture harnesses the Ivoclar SR-IvoBase Injection System, reaching the zenith of excellence. The IvoBase System combines high-pressure injection precision with the pinnacle performance of IvoBase denture acrylic. The result is a denture that radiates unmatched consistency and an accuracy level that surpasses traditional techniques.

Key Attributes of Vitallium Partial Dentures:

Partial dentures that are lighter and more compact Unparalleled adjustability and resistance against fractures Exemplary biocompatibility

Vitallium partial dentures are indispensable when your treatment necessitates attachments or rests to stabilize the arch.

Efficiency at Our Lab:

A mere 2 business days for bite blocks Only 7 business days for crafting the partial frame Merely 4 business days for wax set-up Just 4 business days for meticulous processing and finishing Only 7 business days for the final processing and finishing

At Tanaka Digital Lab, we redefine the essence of excellence through Vitallium 2000 Plus partial dentures. Elevate patient contentment by offering dentures that epitomize strength, precision, and innovation.

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