Occlusal Guards

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Occlusal Guards

Tanaka Digital Lab provides composite restorations as a biomimetic, metal-free alternative, aligning with conservative dentistry principles. Our adept technicians ensure impeccable marginal fit, thorough polymerization, and lifelike esthetics.

In comparison to direct composites, the crafted composites from Tanaka Digital Lab boast enduring radiance, enriching the aesthetic appeal for years to come. These composite materials exhibit a gentle touch on natural dentition, thwarting premature wear and fostering patient comfort.

Distinguished by their resilience, composites stand as robust restorative solutions, outlasting ceramic counterparts. Paired with the density of milled composites, our preparations can embrace a minimally invasive approach, conserving healthy tooth structure while upholding durability. This approach resonates with your commitment to patient wellbeing.

Variety of Material Options

Select from two composite material choices:

  1. Layered Ceramage composite
  2. Milled Lava Ultimate

Key Attributes of Ceramage (Shofu)

  • Hand-layered composite amalgamating zirconium silicate and an organic polymer matrix.
  • 73% zirconium silicate micro ceramic fill.
  • Remarkably similar light transmission to natural teeth.
  • Repairable chairside for convenience.
  • Exhibits exceptional polishability.

Notable Features of Lava Ultimate (3M)

  • Resin Nano Ceramic (RNC) technology merging ceramic benefits and a cross-linked resin matrix.
  • Offers the highest translucency among all-ceramic restorations, available in HT and LT variations.
  • Can be repaired chairside.
  • Showcases remarkable polishability.


Avoid long span bridges and areas where bonding feasibility is compromised.

Clinical Protocol and Preparation Design

  • Maintain a minimum occlusal clearance of 1.5 mm.
  • Preserve a minimum isthmus width of 1.5 mm.
  • Opt for 90º occlusal margins.
  • Implement rounded internal line angles.
  • Embrace a shoulder or 90º margin configuration.

Cementation Guidelines

Opt for dual-cure resin or adhesive resin products. Begin with cleaning using water, followed by drying and silanization of the restoration. Adhere meticulously to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Adjustment & Polishing

Fine diamonds are suitable for adjustments, and for polishing, utilize composite polishing rotary instruments alongside composite polishing paste (such as CompoSite Polishing Paste by Shofu).

At Tanaka Digital Lab, we extend the artistry of composite restorations while adhering to the principles of minimally invasive and biomimetic dentistry. Our offerings encapsulate both esthetic appeal and structural integrity, reflecting the advanced standards of dental care that define our approach.

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