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Introducing DuraTemp: Elevate Your Provisional Experience

Experience the innovation of Tanaka Dental Lab’s DuraTemp provisional restorations, meticulously crafted within our laboratory to surpass traditional chair-side provisionals. DuraTemp redefines the standards of durability and aesthetics, even challenging the final restorations in their visual appeal. Our solution simplifies your provisional process, freeing up valuable chair-time resources, while simultaneously offering your patients a preview of their smile during the preparation appointment. Versatile for single crowns, multi-unit cases, and splinted full-arch bridges, DuraTemp excels across the spectrum. Particularly valuable when adjusting the vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO), they aid in setting an optimal foundation before any preparation. Immediate extraction cases benefit immensely from DuraTemp, enabling the creation of precise pontic site contours.

DuraTemp provisional restorations can be masterfully crafted from both pre-operative and prepped models. Many of our clinicians utilize DuraTemp as diagnostic models for final restorations. Joint approval of length, contours, and shade with the patient post-seating is possible. Subsequently, an impression of the seated DuraTemp provisionals, along with final prepped impressions, can be sent to our lab. The DuraTemp models in place serve as a guiding template for crafting the ultimate restorations.

Enhance your profitability by reducing chair-side fabrication time. DuraTemp empowers your team to reclaim more chair-time, boosting overall productivity.

Key Features of DuraTemp Provisionals:

No preparation required

DuraTemp can be generated from pre-operative or prepped models Stronger and more resilient compared to chair-side temporaries Indications for Use:

  • Ideal for provisional crowns and splinted bridges
  • For spans exceeding 3 units, metal substructures are recommended
  • Immediate smile designs
  • Restoring lost vertical dimension
  • Creating ideal ovate pontic sites

Clinical Handling:

Preparation Design:

  • No preparation necessary Cementation:
  • Try-in DuraTemps for passive seating confirmation, and assess occlusion and vertical alignment
  • Clean restorations with water and dry post-try-in
  • Essential relining with cold cure acrylic, blocking any undercuts before relining Trim excess acrylic from margins
  • Polish restorations using pumice and acrylic polishing paste, followed by light-cured glaze application
  • Cement using non-eugenol temporary cement

Turnaround Time at Our Lab:

Only 5 working days, with expedited delivery available upon request

ADA Codes:

D2932 Crown – Prefabricated Resin Experience the transformation with DuraTemp at Tanaka Dental Lab. Elevate your provisional procedures, offering your patients resilient prototypes that emulate the final restorations.

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