Original Straumann Abutments

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Original Straumann Abutments

Tanaka Digital Lab takes immense pride in presenting Original Straumann Custom Abutments, meticulously milled in-house through the FDA-approved digital workflow. As an integral part of the comprehensive Straumann® Cares® program for dental laboratories, we harness avant-garde design software, a state-of-the-art 5-axis CAD/CAM mill, and authentic interface custom abutment blanks to deliver unparalleled outcomes.


Key Benefits:

Design Precision Par Excellence By incorporating The Original Straumann Components, we achieve impeccable design synergy between Straumann implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. Our expertise and dedication assure the most dependable restorations for your Straumann implants.

Near-Null Screw Loosening

Original Straumann components significantly curtail screw loosening, attributed to the meticulously optimized design of the abutment, screw, and implant interface.

Augmented Stability

Original Straumann implant-to-abutment connections exhibit the narrowest tolerance thresholds, culminating in minimal micro-mobility and enhanced stability when contrasted with non-original connections.

Seamless Digital Workflow

Our FDA-endorsed digital workflow, spanning from IOS scan to final implant restorations, guarantees meticulousness and efficiency. We harness cutting-edge technology, encompassing Straumann intraoral scan bodies, the IOS Intraoral scanner, Straumann Dental Wings CARES® CAD/CAM software, and Original Straumann abutment blanks that undergo precision milling in the Straumann / amanngirbach M series 5-axis mill.

Assured Peace of Mind with Straumann Guarantee

The utilization of Straumann Original components translates into a comprehensive coverage by The Straumann Guarantee for your implants and restorations. Revel in a 10-year guarantee for select abutments and restorations, complemented by a lifelong guarantee for specific implant systems.

Endorsed Durability

Straumann original prosthetic components have substantiated their mettle through clinical validation, boasting a remarkable 97% success rate in a decade-long retrospective study.

At Tanaka Digital Lab, we stand by the excellence encapsulated in Original Straumann Custom Abutments, epitomizing precision, longevity, and the pinnacle of implant dentistry advancement.

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