Sports Guards

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Sports Guards

Night guards and occlusal guards play a vital role in providing relief to patients experiencing discomfort caused by bruxism and grinding. Our night guards are thoughtfully crafted to safeguard your patients’ teeth and restorations, tailored to their prescribed bite and VDO (vertical dimension of occlusion). At Tanaka Digital Lab, our night guards are available in soft, hard, or hard/soft variations, precisely following your specified instructions.

Limitations We advise against using our night guards for posterior bridges or anterior bridges with a pontic span exceeding 14 mm.

Clinical Handling and Preparation

  • Ensure a 1 mm shoulder margin.
  • Execute a 1.5 mm axial wall reduction.
  • Implement a 2 mm incisal/occlusal reduction as necessary.
  • Avoid incorporating knife-edge margins.
  • Please note that as is the case with any all-ceramic restoration, avoid sharp or right angles.

Cementation Guidelines

For bonding IPS e.max® restorations, adhesive systems equipped with dual-cure resins can be employed. Alternatively, low expansion cements like resin-modified glass ionomers are suitable for cementation.

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