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Introducing DURATEMP PMMA: Elevate Your Provisional Excellence

At Tanaka Digital Lab, we are excited to introduce DURATEMP PMMA laboratory-fabricated provisional restorations, meticulously milled from Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA). These state-of-the-art provisionals are generated through CAD/CAM technology and can seamlessly arise from both conventional impressions or digital IOS workflows.


Especially recommended for extended provisional needs, such as implant and surgical cases, DURATEMP PMMA surpasses conventional provisionals in terms of durability and longevity. Engineered to accommodate titanium cylinders, they excel in the provisionalization of screw-retained implant cases.

For screw-retained cases, the provision of a replicate PMMA DURATEMP is available. This duplicate proves invaluable when replicating adjustments made to the temporary restorations after the patient’s first-hand experience.

Experience provisionals that redefine durability and aesthetics. DURATEMP PMMA simplifies your provisional process, saving chair time and providing patients with a prototype smile during the preparation appointment. Versatile enough for single crowns, multi-unit cases, and even splinted full-arch bridges, DURATEMP PMMA also assists in establishing an ideal vertical dimension before any preparation work. Immediate extraction cases find DURATEMP PMMA advantageous, enabling precise pontic site shaping.

DURATEMP PMMA provisionals can be crafted from both pre-operative and prepped models. Clinicians often adopt them as diagnostic outlines for final restorations. Post-seating, you and your patient can jointly approve the length, contours, and shade. Subsequently, send an impression of the DURATEMP PMMA provisionals in place along with the final prepped impressions to our lab. The model of the DURATEMP PMMA provisionals serves as a guiding template for crafting the ultimate restorations.

Unlock increased profitability by reducing chair-side fabrication time. DURATEMP PMMA empowers your team to regain valuable chair time, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

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