Implant Provisionals

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Implant Provisionals

Introducing DuraTemps for Implant Restorations from Tanaka Digital Lab, available in both screw-retained and cementable options. Our PMMA provisional restorations are meticulously crafted using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and can be produced from traditional impressions or a digital IOS workflow. These provisions can also be replicated from an original design for each case, facilitating copy-milling for the final restoration—an especially advantageous feature for full arch hybrid cases.

DuraTemps PMMA

Our DuraTemps, precision-crafted from PMMA (Polymethylmethacrylate) within our lab, offer exceptional durability and precision. Employing CAD/CAM technology, these provisions cater to both conventional impressions and digital IOS workflows. With a focus on long-term provisional needs like implant or surgical cases, DuraTemps surpass conventional provisions in terms of durability and are even designed to accommodate titanium cylinders for provisionalizing screw-retained implant cases. For scenarios involving screw-retained solutions, we offer duplicate PMMA DuraTemps, perfect for replicating adjustments made to the provisionals during the patient’s transitional phase.


DuraTemps represent a significant leap forward compared to traditionally created chair-side provisionals, excelling in both durability and aesthetics, often rivaling the final restorations. By streamlining the provisional process, DuraTemps conserve valuable chair time and grant your patients a preview of their smile right during the preparation appointment. Our provisions cater to single crowns, multi-unit cases, and splinted full-arch bridges. They also shine in situations necessitating adjustments to vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO), establishing a foundation for optimal preparation prior to teeth alteration. Moreover, DuraTemps are invaluable for immediate extraction cases, allowing for precise pontic site shaping.

Our lab can manufacture DuraTemps from pre-operative or prepped models. Many clinicians regard DuraTemps as diagnostic templates for final restorations, enabling pre-approval of length, contours, and shade after placement. Subsequent impressions of the seated DuraTemps, combined with final prepped impressions, guide the lab in crafting the ultimate restorations, ensuring treatment plan consistency.

By significantly curtailing chair-side time spent on traditional provisional fabrication, DuraTemps effectively bolster your practice’s profitability. This time-efficient solution empowers you and your team to channel efforts into more productive endeavors. Backed by a robust six-month breakage warranty, DuraTemps from Tanaka Digital Lab underscore our steadfast commitment to providing top-tier, customized solutions for your practice.

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