Smiles by Design Dental Restoration

Tanaka Digital Lab: Leading the Way in Dental Restorations

Smiles by Design Dental Restoration

At Tanaka Digital Lab, our focus lies in the intricate artistry of crafting restorations, where our adept dental technicians meticulously design and skillfully create each piece.

Our distinguished Tanaka Digital Lab team stands fortified by a wealth of extensive training, dedicated to countless hours of advanced education. This encompasses immersive experiences working alongside real patients, in-depth engagement with prestigious institutions like the LVI (Las Vegas Institute) and the Spear Institute, and active participation in additional reputable programs.

These consummate professionals specialize in the realm of smile enhancement, their commitment unwavering as they strive for nothing less than the zenith of excellence in tooth composition, alignment of the bite, and precise internal shade harmonization. Their devotion to refining tooth morphology, ensuring optimal occlusion, and achieving seamless color coordination is a testament to their expertise.

Both your esteemed staff and valued patients will undoubtedly carry with them the indelible memory of their exceptional journey with Tanaka Digital Lab. The transformation of smiles is not just a process but an experience that leaves an enduring mark. With Tanaka Digital Lab, the legacy of superior craftsmanship and dedication to perfecting smiles will endure, creating smiles that stand as works of art.

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