Surgical Stents

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Surgical Stents

At Tanaka Digital Lab, our traditional model-based surgical guide stents are meticulously crafted using diagnostic wax-ups that accurately depict the desired restorative outcomes. These clear acrylic stents can be personalized with various features such as guide holes, gutta-percha, metal cylinders, or radio-opaque acrylic, allowing for customization according to your specific preferences. Our extensive range of design options ensures that we can cater to your individual needs. Our skilled team specializes in creating surgical stents that play a crucial role in achieving precise surgical placement, enabling restorative dentists to achieve their envisioned results for each unique patient case.

At Tanaka Digital Lab, we take pride in our traditional model-based surgical guide stents for their precision and effectiveness in achieving optimal restorative outcomes. Here are some additional points about our surgical guide stents:

  1. Customized Design: Our surgical guide stents are tailored to your specifications. Whether you prefer guide holes, gutta-percha, metal cylinders, or radio-opaque acrylic, we offer a variety of design options to ensure the stent aligns perfectly with your treatment plan.

  2. Diagnostic Accuracy: We base our stent fabrication on diagnostic wax-ups, which accurately represent the intended final restoration. This approach ensures that the surgical placement aligns with the desired restorative outcome, promoting functional and aesthetic success.

  3. Transparency: The clear acrylic material of our surgical guide stents allows for visualizing the underlying anatomical structures during surgery. This transparency enhances precision during implant placement, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring accurate results.

  4. Expert Craftsmanship: Our skilled technicians are well-versed in creating surgical guide stents that adhere to the highest quality standards. With attention to detail and advanced fabrication techniques, we produce stents that meet the specific needs of each case.

  5. Comprehensive Design Options: Our diverse array of design options ensures flexibility in accommodating various clinical scenarios. Whether it’s a single implant or a complex multi-implant case, our surgical guide stents can be tailored accordingly.

Incorporating our traditional model-based surgical guide stents into your implant procedures can lead to improved surgical accuracy, reduced chair time, and ultimately, higher patient satisfaction. At Tanaka Digital Lab, we are dedicated to providing solutions that elevate the quality of dental care you provide to your patients.

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