Guided Surgery Appliances

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Guided Surgery Appliances

Revolutionize your surgical workflows with Tanaka Dental Lab’s Guided Surgery Appliances – Setting New Standards in Precision and Efficiency!

Our expertise lies in crafting guided surgery appliances that boast unparalleled accuracy and rapid turnarounds, ensuring a seamless fit and optimized workflow. Leveraging cutting-edge digital printing technology and perfectly matched titanium guide cylinders for your specific surgical system, we provide a tailored solution to your surgical needs.

You have the flexibility to choose your preferred workflow: design your guides personally or collaborate with a third-party to export an .stl file of the guide design. Tanaka Dental Lab is fully equipped to bring your guide to life.

Our services seamlessly integrate with various software systems capable of generating .stl files of guide designs. While we recommend the versatile Blue Sky Bio software, our compatibility extends to a wide range of software solutions, ensuring we cater to your preferences.

Moreover, our collaboration with SICAT introduces the exclusive DIGITALGUIDE service, powered by the advanced Sirona Galileos Implant Software. The comprehensive planning and guide design process within this software seamlessly transfers to Tanaka Dental Lab via SICAT’s interface, ensuring flawless fabrication of the DIGITALGUIDE.

Unlock the Future of Guided Surgery: Experience exceptional accuracy Optimize surgical processes Elevate patient care FDA-approved printed resin Turn your surgical visions into reality with Tanaka Dental Lab’s Guided Surgery Appliances – Precision, Efficiency, Excellence. Contact Us Today to Elevate Your Practice!

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