KeySplint Clear Night Guard

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KeySplint Clear Night Guard

Crystal Clear, Incredibly Strong, Remarkably Flexible, and Unbelievably Precise Leveraging the revolutionary capabilities of the Carbon Platform and powered by cutting-edge Digital Light Synthesis technology, Tanaka Dental Lab has transcended the limitations of conventional polymer manufacturing. This enables us to produce products with unprecedented speed and volume, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Live Demonstration

Experience firsthand the innovation behind the KeySplint Clear Night Guard. Crafted from the exceptional KeySplint Soft Clear resin, an FDA 510k-cleared printable resin designed specifically for night guards, this 3D resin is optimized for use with Carbon printers.

Witness the Printing Process

Carbon stands as the global frontrunner in digital manufacturing platforms, propelling accelerated product innovation to new heights. Witness the remarkable process in action during the webinar.

KeySplint Clear Night Guard

The convergence of KeySplint soft clear resin, renowned for its exceptional properties in night guards, and Carbon’s groundbreaking 3D printing technology, combined with the skillful craftsmanship of Tanaka Dental Lab—recognized as a premier dental lab—culminates in an unparalleled solution. This product represents a game-changing breakthrough, offering an unmatched blend of quality and value that sets a new standard in the realm of night guards. 

Features of KeySplint Night Guard

  • Crystal Clear Aesthetics
  • FDA 510k Clearance
  • Exceptional Strength and Durability
  • Anti-Brittleness Properties
  • Flexibility for Maximum Comfort
  • Superior Resistance to Abrasion and Fractures
  • User-Friendly Cleaning and Maintenance

Applications and Usages

KeySplint Clear Night Guards represents the epitome of aesthetic excellence and performance for night guards and bite splints. A revolutionary step forward in night guard technology, this clear shade resin exhibits remarkable durability to withstand bruxism forces while ensuring patient comfort through its flexibility.

Incorporating Carbon’s 3D printing technology further enhances this material combination, outperforming traditional acrylics and thermoform materials in terms of wear resistance and longevity.

Collaboration with Carbon

Tanaka Dental Lab has worked closely alongside Carbon for nearly two years, meticulously optimizing the synergy between Carbon’s intricate hardware and software systems and the KeySplint material. This collaboration has resulted in the creation of top-tier night guards.

Underscores the transformative impact of this product: “The product is off the charts game-changing whether you are looking at value or quality. The product delivers both in spades.”


KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon printers contains methacrylate monomers and oligomers, which, although rare, might trigger allergic reactions in individuals sensitive to products containing acrylic.

Clinical Usage Guidelines

Preparation Steps

KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers is a specialized 3D printing resin meticulously designed for crafting dental splints, night guards, and bleaching trays. This innovation is exclusively compatible with advanced Carbon M-Series printers, utilizing Carbon DLS’s revolutionary technology. The resultant splints boast a balance between durability and patient comfort, standing far from being brittle.

The resin is meticulously formulated to be biocompatible and fully compliant with international medical device standards. The formulation boasts a shelf life of three years, retains its color stability, and resists fractures, abrasion, and staining.

KeySplint Soft Clear for Carbon Printers is an exclusive 3D printing resin intended for the production of dental splints, night guards, and bleaching trays through advanced Carbon M-Series printers, harnessed by breakthrough technology.

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