Elastic Mandibular Advancement

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Explore the Cutting-Edge Solution from Tanaka Digital Lab: EMA - Elastic Mandibular Advancement

Introducing our revolutionary Elastic Mandibular Advancement (EMA) oral device, meticulously crafted by Tanaka Digital Lab, aimed at addressing sleep apnea. This patented, patient-friendly design combines interchangeable elastic straps with pressure-formed custom upper and lower trays, ushering in a new era in sleep apnea treatment. Through precise mandibular advancement, we offer a solution that ensures lasting success.

Our design not only showcases innovation but also provides meticulous control over mandibular motion. The versatility of elastic bands allows for personalized treatment, enabling quick and efficient adjustments to achieve optimal results.

Lateral Mobility Bands, featuring varying degrees of elasticity, guide the mandible forward to the desired alignment while preserving full jaw movement in all directions.

Harmonizing TMJ Health and Sleep Apnea Treatment:

By allowing mandibular freedom, we minimize occurrences of temporomandibular joint dysfunction and associated pain.

Backed by FDA and ADA Approvals:

The EMA sleep apnea and snoring appliance holds the prestigious endorsements of both the FDA and ADA, having served since 1995.

Mastering the Bite Technique:

Begin with an 8 mm incisal bite opening, hinges open from centric. Provide upper and lower models poured in die stone, marked with pencils on crowns, implants, and sensitive teeth.

Elevate patient well-being with Tanaka Digital Lab’s EMA – Elastic Mandibular Advancement. Embark on a new era of sleep apnea treatment, where comfort, adaptability, and success converge to deliver a better night’s sleep and an enhanced quality of life.

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