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Unveil the Freedom of Valplast Flexible Partials

The Valplast Flexible Partial Denture introduces a paradigm shift in partials, addressing the limitations of conventional metal alternatives. With Valplast, you’ll embrace a simplified treatment procedure that preserves natural teeth without unnecessary preparations. It simplifies the design process, empowering the RPD to seamlessly meet the requirements of retention, support, and stability. The complexities of metal frameworks are a thing of the past, streamlining fabrication and try-in phases. Beyond this, Valplast aligns with the metal-free dentistry trend, ensuring patient contentment by eliminating metal presence in the oral cavity. With a history founded on unparalleled knowledge, expertise, training, and cutting-edge technology, Valplast stands as the indisputable pioneer in flexible RPD materials.

Valplast® Flexible Partials emerge as an adaptable choice, serving as partial dentures that can supplant traditional metal substructure appliances. They also prove invaluable as saddles or clasps on cast-metal partials. With distinct physical and aesthetic attributes, the biocompatible Valplast seamlessly integrates lifelike aesthetics, effortlessly blending with the patient’s natural tissue and adjacent teeth. The Valplast injection process guarantees optimal fit and adaptation to both hard and soft tissues.

These partials exhibit resilience against stains, ensuring prolonged durability while offering a comfortable experience within the mouth. Valplast’s construction eliminates the need for metal or wire clasps, resulting in an appliance that seamlessly harmonizes with the surrounding gums and dentition.

Key Highlights of Valplast Flexible Partials:

Metal-free Exceptionally flexible Highly resistant to fractures Aesthetically appealing – featuring clasps devoid of metal


Valplast Flexible Partials are the preferred choice in areas where metal clasps are less desirable or when patients lean towards a metal-free option.

Turnaround Time at Our Lab: Only 2 business days for bite blocks Just 4 business days for wax setup Merely 4 business days for meticulous processing and finishing A mere 7 business days for the final processing and finishing

Discover the adaptability, longevity, and elegance of Valplast Flexible Partials at Tanaka Digital Lab. Step into a fresh realm of patient satisfaction, providing a solution that impeccably aligns with contemporary dental aesthetics and comfort.

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