SMART 1 Implant Abutments

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SMART 1 Implant Abutments

Tanaka Digital Lab’s SMART 1 implant abutments are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique requirements of each patient’s case. Our utilization of state-of-the-art design and milling technologies guarantees the utmost precision in fits. These technological advancements have paved the way for abutments compatible with the majority of major implant platforms.

Mindful of design intricacies, we place a premium on achieving optimal emergence and contours, culminating in a soft-tissue contour and aesthetics that are second to none. Backed by a 7-year limited warranty, our SMART 1® custom abutments embody our unwavering confidence in their exceptional quality.

For restorations that require cementation, Tanaka Digital Lab’s SMART 1 offers two variants of custom implant abutments: Titanium or Zirconia w/ Ti Base. Our meticulous attention to design intricacies ensures a seamless integration of the final restoration, resulting in remarkable cosmetic outcomes.

Distinctive Attributes

  • Offered in Titanium or Zirconia w/ Ti Base options.
  • Universally compatible with a wide array of implant systems.
  • Intelligently designed emergence profile to facilitate ideal tissue contouring.

Indications for Usage

Tanaka Digital Lab’s custom implant abutments are versatile and reliable, suitable for both single-tooth and multi-abutment cementable cases.

Limitations: We recommend avoiding their use in cases where the interocclusal space measures below 8 mm, as a minimum of 8 mm crown height space is prerequisite.

For optimal outcomes, the recommended space for a cement-retained prosthesis stands at 9 mm to 10 mm in posterior regions and 10 mm to 12 mm in maxillary central areas. At Tanaka Digital Lab, we prioritize tailoring our approach to patient-specific considerations, ensuring triumphant results and patient contentment.

Clinical Guidelines

Whenever possible, opt for open tray impressions as the preferred technique.

Delivery and Cementation

  • Employ a torque wrench adjusted to the implant manufacturer’s stipulations, typically falling between 15 Ncm and 35 Ncm, for precise tightening.
  • Seal the abutment screw hole using sterilizable and odor-resistant PTFE tape (Teflon).
  • Apply a ring of cement approximately 1-2 millimeters from the margin.
  • When dealing with implant abutment crowns, it is prudent to avoid permanent cement. Instead, choose a cement specifically designed for implant crown placement, such as Premier Implant Cement or Telio CS Cem implant. These options offer radiopacity, aiding in the identification of any sub-gingival excess. Alternatively, consider a mixture of Polycarboxylate cement with Vaseline.

Tanaka Digital Lab’s SMART 1 implant abutments epitomize our commitment to precision, reliability, and patient-centric excellence in implant dentistry.

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